Fury Vs Wilder Review – A Real Action Role Playing Movie

After seeing the trailers for Fury Vs Wilder, I can tell you that this movie will not disappoint you. Directed by David Ayer and starring Tom Hardy and directed by Charles Bronson, Fury features an all star cast including Edward Plangonia, Domino, and Mickey Rourke. The storyline is a World War II tale that takes place in Africa during the 1941 conflict between Hitler and Pearl Harbor. Fury is a British soldier that finds himself stranded with the US troops after the battle. He leads a rag-tag group of mostly unarmed men through enemy territory while desperately trying to hold off the enemy until the tide turns and they are able to make their way to safety.

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Though the story line may seem a little over the top at times (especially when you consider the fact that Fury’s group is virtually wiped out after the battle), it is filled with action and thrillers that will keep viewers eager for the final showdown between Fury and Wilder. The fighting scenes are particularly brutal, and though Plangonia’s performance may not actually live up to the hype, Tom Hardy is more than able to fill the role. Hardy’s face is completely ripped during the fight, and his hair is completely white from the blood loss. This combination of physical appearance and dyed white face makes Hardy’s character look almost immortal. Domino is also a likable part of the movie, given his intense passion for the fight. He is both a drunkard and a fighter, and when he finally fights Fury, he is no match for the seasoned veteran.

The actual story of Fury Vs Wilder is more than just a fight between two evenly matched fighters. It is a lesson about how even the greatest of enemies can be allies if pushed to the right path. Although the movie may not tell you what order the fights take place in (which some fans find confusing), what is shown is a thrilling and intense fight scene between two very different people. If you have ever watched a boxing movie, then you should see Fury Vs Wilder…at least once.




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